A commitment to your projects and processes

Our Services Division draws on a core team of ten insurance industry technology experts, expandable through our company alliances to meet your needs. We offer a broad range of consulting services, and a proven methodology for delivering your automation project on time and within budget.

PASolutions System Delivery Method

Using proven modeling techniques and knowledgeable insurance technology analysts, we assess the feasibility of meeting system business requirements, and gauge the scope of the project.


  • Business mission statement
  • Logical data model with key attributes
  • High level business process flows
  • Key business assumptions with impact of system scope
  • Proposed hardware environment
  • Project plan and cost estimate

Now armed with both big-picture requirements and details, we proceed with interactive sessions. These meetings are held with the goal of ensuring thorough design. During this phase, we decide if a project needs to to be broken down into sub-projects.


  • Design of the prototype
  • Detailed data model including attributes
  • An adjustment to the project plan if necessary
  • Design document

PROTOTYPE Using the design, we create a working model of the system, allowing for hands-on review and accurate rapid application development.


  • Screen prototypes (screens, icons, menus)
  • Reports mock-up
  • Methods of input
  • Adjustments to the project plan if necessary

DEVELOPMENT The system is developed to our high standards of quality and code uniformity. Your system is built according to your prototype (with modifications if necessary).


  • The working system is delivered by specified sub-system

Working with you, we'll bring your data into the system, correct any bugs identified by testing, and ensure that the system is ready to go live. To us, "ready to go live" means that the software is ready for production..ready for day-to-day client use.


  • Ensuring that the system works to the design specifications
  • Putting our business resources and technical support on alert

Working with you, we will:

  • Provide system corrections
  • Implement enhancements to the system based on regulatory and/or workflow changes
  • Make additional modifications for a reduced fee

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Along with custom software development, we offer our expertise in maintaining, enhancing, and modifying existing application installations. The following is a sampling of our other outsourcing offerings.

  • Data Warehousing (pasExecutive)
  • Enhancement and maintenance of third party and in-house developed systems
  • Training
  • Documentation
  • Institution of Methodology and Standards
  • Systems Planning
  • Testing
  • Quality Assurance
  • Business process improvement

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